10 Common Jobs That Might Not Exist in 20 Years: Wisdomjobs.com study

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Recent study by Wisdom Jobs found that some jobs may disappear soon, they won't exist in future. The survey found that automation, machine-learning, artificial intelligence and bots are happening, both in the software and business process outsourcing sector. So, people will have to go in for life-time constant learning mode and learn new ideas and skills throughout their working career. So, the education system will have to respond with a whole new model of providing life-long education, just in time, highly personalized. so that big change is required.


1. Librarian will be substituted by Smartphones and tablets: Librarians help in finding the right books as well as pointing you to a correct source. Now, libraries have been replaced with Google books which offer wide variety of books online.

2. BPO Employees will be replaced by chatbots: After five years chat bots will take over the jobs of BPO employees. While, automation will take over the jobs of BPO employees in coming five years.

3. Bank assistants will be replaced by chatbots: Virtual assistants are transforming the customer service industry and will be able to engage humans by answering some simple queries. Bank customer service agents will be replaced by chatbots.

4. Toll plaza operators will be replaced by digital valets: An e-tolling service is being launched at toll plazas across the country. It will allow vehicles with FASTag cards to pass through the toll plazas without having to stop. So, jobs of plaza operators will be replaced with digital valets.

5. Drivers will be replaced by driverless cars: It might be a bit unnerving to consider, but modern driving is already a heavily automated system with human drivers having minimal manual involvement.

6. Postman will be replaced by emails and video chats: Because of video chats and emails many post office have been shut down as well as the jobs of postman also.

7. Parking lot attendants will be automated: It might be a bit uncomforting to consider, but modern technology with its advancement is already running faster having minimal manual involvement.

8. News paper boys will be replaced by digital newspapers: Digital wave has already vanished print media and people moving towards mobile phones for newspapers, magazines, brochures, etc. The growing popularity for tablets and kindle readers on the rise as well as hard copy of news papers are being replaced. Since there will be less paper printing and paper boys will disappear.

9. Typists and secretaries will be replaced by Smartphones: Its already an era of technology and still considered as the commencement. With the vast technology of Smartphones in hands, there would not be any requirement of typists and secretaries to take care of every alert and daily schedule works, instead our smartphones can do it with in our fingertips.

10. Journalists will be replaced with AI: Advanced developments in artificial intelligence will replace journalists soon. Some publishing houses also creating reports with AI tool. Experts believe that future content will be created by artificial intelligence software.

11. Referees and Umpires will be replaced with Technology: This is really a bad news for the people who are in Referee job and earning good amount and status. But career experts predict that this job won't exist in coming 20 years because technology will replace with human to provide better services. Recent days the job of Referrers and Umpires has become more challenging as they are required to give honest and accurate decisions.

12: Tele marketer: Telemarketer is another troubled career which may not exist in future. Tele marketers are replaced with robots or chatbots across industries.

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