Ibm - As/400

Ibm - As/400

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Ibm - As/400

Introducing CICS® for iSeries™

This chapter introduces you to CICS/400 and places it in the iSeries environment. It introduces some important CICS concepts such as resource management and intersystem communication, and some of the facilities provided to assist application programmers to develop programs or migrate existing programs to CICS/400 from other CICS platforms. It also introduces the concept of distributed processing and how CICS/400 helps you to present data to the end user and control your transaction. The topics covered are:

What is CICS for iSeries?

Customer Information Control System (CICS) is an online transaction processing (OLTP) system that provides:

  • Control of concurrently-running applications serving many online users.
  • The functions required by your application programs for communicating with remote and local terminals and subsystems
  • Control of files and databases in conjunction with the various IBM data access methods.
  • The ability to communicate with other CICS systems and database systems, using CICS intersystem communication (ISC).
  • An application programming interface that is invoked using EXEC CICS commands

CICS is available on a number of different platforms. Mainframe-based CICS includes:

  • CICS Transaction Server for z/OS™ Version 2
  • CICS Transaction Server for OS/390® Version 1
  • CICS/ESA Version 4
  • CICS Transaction Server for VSE/ESA™
  • CICS/VSE® Version 2

CICS for Open Systems includes:

  • TXSeries™ Version 5.0 for Multi-platforms, which contains:
    • CICS for AIX®
    • CICS for HP-US
    • CICS for Sun Solaris
    • CICS for Windows NT®
  • TXSeries Version 4.3 for AIX (which contains CICS for AIX)
  • TXSeries Version 4.3 for Sun Solaris (which contains CICS for Sun Solaris)
  • TXSeries Version 4.3 for Windows NT (which contains CICS for Windows NT)
  • TX Series Version 4.2 for HP-UX (which contains CICS for HP-UX)

CICS for OS/2® runs on IBM compatible personal computers. CICS for iSeries runs under the OS/400®operating system on iSeries and AS/400® systems.

The key features of the CICS family, allowing significant source compatibility and access to data and services across CICS systems, are:

  • Provision of transaction processing services
  • Common application programming interface
  • Intersystem communication (ISC)
  • Access to a range of database products
  • Data integrity for all users